The End (Evaluation)

It’s been an interesting semester. Not externally, but internally. I’ve thought a lot about myself and my ultimate place in this world. I’ve made drastic changes to my lifestyle and overall goals. It would be a crime to dismiss this class. The activities we completed and the people I got to meet really inspired me to pursue what I really wanted in Film.

The activities I really enjoyed were as follows:

  1. Plaster Casting: This was the first art experience we were assigned. Although I failed miserably, I still had a great time attempting to create a replica of my hand. It was a creative use of cheap supplies that I could acquire almost anywhere. in addition, I thought it was really cool that Glenn organized a little meet-up at Seal Beach for students to get to know each other. I instantly regret not going.
  2. Art Care Package: I loved this activity. I got to create a meaningful representation of my friendship with one of my oldest high school friends. It was honestly really sad to look back on older memories. But that’s important for acceptance and moving forward. With this project, I thought Glenn gave us the most freedom to make something the way we wanted. You could include any objects and determine the meaning in your own, personal way.
  3. Design Thinking applied to Life: The last project was also essential. I love how Glenn stretched the bounds of “art experiences” so that we could examine our lives. It exceptionally enlightening to look closer at my potential future on this planet. It was really stressful and terrifying, too, but I think it’s important to do things your afraid of.

I enjoyed almost every activity, but there were still some lesser ones that I didn’t really connect with.

  1. Finger Painting: This experience was just exceptionally difficult for me because it was hard for me to complete an art piece without meaning or purpose. I would continuously try to create some representation painting, and I ended up frustrated. In the end, my painting was a manifestation of anger and impatience, though, so I compromised somehow.
  2. Architecture: The Wedge: I also didn’t really connect with this experience. I appreciate architecture as an art form, but I would have rather completed another experience in it’s place.
  3. Ethnography: The Ethnography assignment was also expendable. I didn’t really feel particularly enlightened by the experience because i could already understand life without electric beforehand. Still, I could still understand the significance to other students who rely on electricity much more than I do.

In the end. I really enjoyed this class. The use of WordPress and Slack was very creative and brought the students closer to one another as well as the professor himself. I fully support these replacements for Beachboard. I also loved the Art Gallery assignments. It felt like I got to visit a unique art museum every week. I even connected with a lot of the art work on personal and emotional level. Here’s a piece of writing I took a picture of early on in the semester. It put my thoughts about art into words. I think about it everyday.


Wk15 – Art Experience – Design Thinking applied to Life

It’s crazy to think how much my priorities have changed over the years. I use to think I’d end up in some technical field: math, physics, engineering, computer science, you name it. I was a math wiz in high school, after all, and everybody expected me to take up a career related to it. But the math and sciences never satisfied me. I was more happier listening to music and watching movies. Unfortunately, I realized way too late that my interests lied in the arts rather than science. But I don’t really care anymore. I just want to be happy. I decided this semester that I will never subject myself to an uninteresting major or career ever again. I declared as a film pre-major and never looked back.

1. Film Industry

My first possible future is the one I currently seek: a career in the film industry.

The plan I’ve laid out ultimately focuses on networking, gaining experience, and improving my craft as a filmmaker. Fortunately, my core group of friends back home are all deeply interested in film. With the right push, I could get them involved with my vision and move forward. However, on campus, I don’t really have any close friends :(. I haven’t really been able to connect with any people in my prior majors. However, now that I’ve finally declared I’ll get to meet like-minded people in classes as well as the Film club I hope to join next semester. In the end, my ultimate plan relies on the first few years of networking and improvement of my skills. The next tasks would certainly follow if I accomplish these preliminary goals. Even though I’m in an introvert, I really need that extra social push and inspiration to truly excel and advance. Maslow’s Hierarchy is true, I guess.

2. Psychological Research

If film were to somehow disappear, I would turn to my second passion: Psychology.

Right now, although I’ve decided to end my pursuit of a B.A., I will continue to study for a minor in Psychology. However, if film were to disappear, I would certainly pursue a career in Psychology. With Psych though, I’d certainly need a lot of experience and an additional Master’s degree to truly advance in the field. As a result, my plan comprises of many tasks to acquire legitimate experience as well as potential grad school education. However, as you can tell, I don’t really have any resources or confidence in succeeding in this field. The way I see it, it’s all or nothing for making it in the film world. Still, I believe I have the scientific aptitude to make something work in Psychology. In addition, if i really had to, I could dedicate my life to research of the human mind.

3. Music Production

However, if i were somehow financially secure, I would definitely pursue in career in music production.

Music is one of my greatest passions in life. From a young age, I’ve always been in love with music of all genres, especially Hip-Hop and electronic music. Unfortunately, I have virtually zero connections in the music industry that would help me succeed. As a result, my plan relies on developing my skills and talent to truly stand out in the music world. Still, this one of the only fields I have an actual rapid prototype for. I’ve actually spoken with a few audio engineers. They ultimately advised me that having formal music experience and training gives a huge advantage in the industry. In addition. a music degree doesn’t really do anything. The most important thing is developing talent and making connections. Unfortunately, at the current moment, I have neither. Still, it will forever be a passion of mine that I will continue to dedicate a sizable chunk of my life to.


In the end, I think film is the field for me. It’s the only field I really have a chance for at CSULB. However, I will never give up my interest in Psychology and music. In addition, with film, i believe you can incorporate any skills and ideologies into the mix. With expertise in psychological ideas, I can come up with unique ideas for screenplays and even photographic framing. With music, I can dedicate myself to audio engineering. I’ve always believed sound was an integral part for films. Ultimately, I will seek to include my interests in my overall pursuit of careers and happiness.

Wk15 – Classmate Conversation – Elyse Vega

For the last formal week of the Spring semester, I got to meet Elyse after our guest speaker’s presentation. She sat next to me and seemed to be in hurry to get to work. Despite that, I got that to know Elyse rather well during the brief conversation we had.  She’s a second-year consumer affairs major from San Diego. However, she went through a lengthy process of elimination before arriving at this major. Elyse explained that she first started out as Biology major and subsequently switched Psychology, Business, and Kinesiology over her CSULB career. However, she believes she finally found her calling in Consumer affairs. She has a knack for eloquent public speaking and loves to debate. As a result, she believes she’ll thrive in her field. Elyse has even picked up a Marketing minor to further give her an advantage in the business world.

In her free time, Elyse loves to play volleyball. She also participates in a CSULB sorority, which takes up a large chunk of her time. She also currently works at the Pieology Pizzeria on Bellflower. I’ve never been there, so I’ll certainly have to check it out in the near future. Since this was our last class before summer break, I asked her what her plans were for the summer.  Although it has not been formally planned, Elyse stated that she usually goes on vacation with her mother every summer. Overall, I had a great conversation with a Elsye and hope for success in her future.

Her site:

Wk14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

This week’s art experience was really cool! I had never gone to the campus’s Japanese Garden before this activity. Upon entering, I was surprised by how beautiful and natural it was. Like walking into Narnia.

Although I’m an awful illustrator, I had a fun time taking in the garden and its beautiful trees, plants, and animals. My favorite series of drawings I made were the ones above. I actually ended up using these for my ID card. These 3 were made for the representation section of the activity. The first one is actually Michael’s shoe. I ended up having a classmate conversation with him shortly after.

I also liked drawing the 30 second warm-up sketches. It was nice to just focus on warming up rather than creating a detailed drawing. I first drew a large drawing of the pond from where I was sitting. Then I moved on to smaller objects, as seen in the bottom two index cards.

Some of these objects actually carried over into my other drawings. I wanted to see if I could draw them for the contour drawings.

I think the chair turned out ok. Still, I couldn’t finish the contour drawing because someone eventually sat down (lol).

Wk14 – Classmate Conversation – Michael Shenouda

This week, I met Michael in the gardens while completing this week’s art experience. Michael is a senior psychology major. He will actually be graduating this semester and moving on to grad school.  However, he intends to use his Psychology degree to become a veterinarian. Currently, Micheal is waiting to see if he got into the Caribbean graduate schools he applied to.

After making the usual introductions, I asked Michael about his other interests and hobbies. He explained his extreme passion for sports, especially baseball and basketball. Although he doesn’t really play much, Michael always watches televised games. His favorite teams are the Angels and the Lakers. Michael also enjoys listening to music. When I asked for his favorite artists. he made it specifically clear that he does not like hip-hop really. However, he enjoys hip-hop influenced R&B artists like The Weeknd and Blackbear. After hearing his favorites, I recommended Frank Ocean, a similar R&B artist. Overall, I had a great conversation with Michael. and I wish him luck for grad school.

His site:

Wk13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez


Exhibition Information

Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Selvatica

Media: Painting, Drawing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby

About the Artist

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Lopez at her Selvatica gallery. This was actually her last gallery before graduation. She plans to earn her BFA in painting this May. However, CSULB is her first experience within the American education sytem. Laura is from Colombia and describes painting and art in general as a form of eneergy flow. She also cites other forms like dance and music as healthy ways to let herself go. Looking to the future, Laura hopes to find an artist residency or teaching position.

Formal Analysis

The exhibit ultimately comprised of several hanging canvases. In contrast to many of the exhibits I’ve written about this year, Selvatica did not include many interactive elements or other less common art materials. The paintings mostly depicted scenes within tropical jungles. However, these paintings have been beautifully colored with bright and interesting tones.


Laura makes frequent use of tropical colors like green, blue, orange and yellow. She also includes others like purple and pink.



Content Analysis

These paintings clearly seem to be a form of reflection for South American jungles, specifically in Colombia. Laura mentioned living there most of her life so it must have some important influence on her outlook and art. After all, if she describes her output as a way to manifest and release her energy, then the jungle must have some connection to her inner philosophy and identity. In addition, the combination of tranquil landscapes and bright colors creates a feeling of zen and peace.

Synthesis / My Experience

Visually, I absolutely loved Laura’s painting and display of skill. I was immediately attracted by the canvas’s brilliant colors and rich texture. in addition, I could connect with Laura’s experience with South American jungles. Like her, I am of Colombian descent on my mother’s side. Although I’ve driven through jungles in Colombia a couple times, I derive most of my experience with jungles from the Amazons in Peru. I can certainly understand how to someone could be so changed and moved by the nature there. In a way, its a spiritual experience that inspires some form of creative expression. Laura answers the call through her paintings. s3.jpg


Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Kergina Singleton

This week I met into Kergina after frantically searching for someone to complete my classmate conversation. We started our conversation by exchanging our majors. I told her I was a newly admitted film major and she revealed she was a second-year psychology major. On campus, she participates in the ZTA sorority. Off campus, she works at a Buffalo Wild Wings. I’m not sure if she works at the one near campus, but she did mention coming from Bellflower. She enjoys eating, hanging out with her sorority friends, and binge-watching Netflix TV shows. When I asked for her favorite TV shows,  she mentioned Sons of Anarchy and Law and Order SEU among others.

Her site: